Preparation for local cauterisation of mucous membranes

Trichloroacetic acid is used to cauterise local pathological changes and minor bleeding in the oral cavity. The healing effect of this preparation is achieved by chemical coagulation of pathologically altered tissue. The product promotes healing of granulating lesions.


  • Trichloroacetic acid 35%, Ph Eur purified water, aroma

Available package:

  • Dropping bottle containing 10 ml of preparation, + set of disposable applicators.


Properties of TCA DENT

• Optimal acid concentration
• Fast and easy aplication
• Ready to use

Handling the product TCA DENT

• Thoroughly dry the affected area and isolate it (with i.e. vaseline).
• Soak the tip of the attached applicator in the preparation, get rid of any excess. Rub the altered tissue until it becomes white.
• Rinse with clean water.


CAUTION! Inaccurate rinsing of the preparation may disturb setting of impression material.

If the lesions do not disappear after first use, repeat the procedure several times every 2-4 weeks until their complete disappearance. This product is reusable, but the applicator is intended for single use only. Repeated use of the applicator can pose a risk of re-infections.