Foam for staunching bleeding

ALUSTAT FOAM is intended for use during dental treatment to staunch slight gingival bleedings, which may occur in the following situations:

  • in cavity preparation
  • before impression
  • after removal of temporary crown
  • after use of laser
  • in overlay restoration fitting and whenever hemostasis and retraction are required.

The aluminum chloride contained in the product has vasoconstrictive effect on tiny blood vessels to reduce swelling and slight bleedings.


aluminum chloride 20%, water Ph. Eur., excipients

Available packages:

  • syringe of 0,8g
  • MEGA PACK 4 x syringe of 0,8g

Each package contains set of disposable applicators.


Properties of ALUSTAT FOAM

  • excellent absorption capacity ensures effectiveness of staunching the bleeding and exudates
  • pressure or infriction not required what doesn’t cause gingiva irritation
  • easy, fast and precise product application
  • clean work area – blood and exudates are completely absorbed, with no clot formation, what is usual for the other of that kind of products
  • soothes irritations thanks to its natural components
  • ensures comfortable and controlled reaction


Handling the product ALUSTAT Foam

PIC. 1.

PIC. 2.

PIC. 3.

PIC. 4.

PIC. 5.

PIC. 6.

Put the supplied applicator in ethanol before use, then install the applicator on the product syringe.

To stop the bleeding:
1. By means of supplied applicator apply ALUSTAT FOAM directly on the bleeding spot (pic.1)
2. Rinse after 2 minutes (pic.2)
3. Repeat the action if necessary

To retract the tissues:
1. By means of supplied applicator apply ALUSTAT FOAM into gingival sulcus (pic.3)
2. Rinse after 2 minutes (pic.4).


1. Insert retraction cord into gingival sulcus.
2. Place ALUSTAT FOAM on the cord (pic.5).
3. Rinse after 2 minutes (pic.6).

Product intended for multiple use except the applicator which is for single use only.

Multiple use of the applicator may cause the risk of re-infection.