Caries detector

RED DETECTOR is intended for locating the caries lesion.


  • 4-ethylo rhodamine, propylene glycol, surfactants

Available packages:

  • syringe of 2 ml + disposable brush applicators


Properties of RED DETECTOR

• The red dye contained in the product invades into the tissues with caries and dyes it red.
• Makes the work much more safe as it allows to locate carious dentine and save the healthy tissues.

Handling the product RED DETECTOR

PIC. 1.

PIC. 2.

PIC. 3.

1. Before the treatment immerse attached applicator in spirit (ethyl alcohol) and then place it onto the syringe.
2. After removing all visible carious lesions apply one drop of the product on the defect area, wait 5-10 seconds (picture 1)
3. Next irrigate and dry the defect (picture 2)
4. Points intensive dyed in red indicate the carious dentine (picture 3)
5. After use pull back the plunger of the syringe to prevent overflow of preparation, remove applicator, close the syringe with white cap.


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