Oil for dissolving gutta-percha

EUCALYPTOL is intended for use during repeated endodontic treatments to remove gutta-percha from the root canal


eucalyptus oil 100%

Available package:

    • bottle of 10ml + set of disposable application pipettes

  Instruction for use EUCALYPTOL


Properties of EUCALYPTOL

• EUCALYPTOL is intended for dissolving gutta-percha. It is gained from eucalyptus extract. Colorless or yellow liquid with specific, nice cineol scent and spicy, cooling flavour.
• EUCALYPTOL as a natural agent gained from eucalyptus extract is one of the safest preparations for removing gutta-percha

Handling the product EUCALYPTOL

PIC. 1.

PIC. 2.

PIC. 3.

PIC. 4.

1. Insert 1-2 drops of the liquid into the root canal (picture 1)
2. Remove gutta-percha (picture 2)
3. If gutta-percha is still dry or fragile, use another dose of preparation (picture 3)
4. Repeat this action as long as needed (picture 4)

Product intended for multiple use except the pipette which is for single use only.

Multiple use of pipette may cause the risk of reinfection.


Gutaperka stomatologia
narzędzia stomatologiczne Cerkamed