Endo-Prep Gel

 Gel for root canals preparation

Product ENDO PREP GEL is intended for chemo-mechanical root canal preparation.


  • Disodium edetate (EDTA 17%), gel base

Available packages:

  • syringe of 2 ml
  • syringe of 5 ml
  • syringe of 10 ml

Each package contains set of applicators.


Properties of ENDO-PREP GEL

• Disodium edetate (EDTA) contained in the product, by rinsing calcium and magnesium ions, softens the surface layer of the dentine and makes it easier to remove it and restore the root canal.
• Thanks to the lubricant substances contained in the product, it is much easier to work with the root canal instruments and the risk of wedge or breakage the instrument inside the root canal is minimized
• Perfectly matched gel consistency guarantees application convenience and possibility of placing the product directly on the root canal instrument

Handling the product ENDO-PREP Gel:

PIC. 1.

PIC. 2.

PIC. 3.

PIC. 4.

PIC. 5.

PIC. 6.

1. Before the treatment immerse attached applicator into ethyl alcohol and then place it onto the syringe.
2. Open the tooth cavity, remove the content to prepare access to the root canals (picture 1).
3. Rinse it initially with sodium hypochlorite (CHLORAXiD) (picture 2).
4. Remove inflamed pulp from the root canal (picture 3).
5. Insert Endo-Prep gel into the root canal by means of attached applicator or place it directly on the root canal instrument (picture 4).
6. Prepare the canal mechanically while rinsing with sodium hypochlorite simultaneously (CHLORAXiD) (picture 5)
7. Rinse thoroughly the preparation from the root canals and the tooth chamber with the solution of sodium hypochlorite (CHLORAXiD)  (picture 6)

CAUTION! Product intended for multiple use except the applicator which is for single use only. Multiple use of applicator may cause the risk of reinfection.


Comfort of use and application security

The high-quality, three-piece luer-lock threaded syringes in which our preparations are packaged ensure the full comfort and precision of the application. The luer lock thread allows easy and convenient connection of the syringe with the needle, by screwing it on the syringe. This is the best protection against unintentional spillage of the preparation during application. The rubber ring provides excellent control and smooth movement when applying the product.