Oil for dissolving gutta-percha

ORANGE GUTTANE is intended for use during endodontic re-treatment  to remove gutta-percha from the root canal.


  • Orange oil 100%

Available packages:

  • Bottle containing 10 ml of the product, application pipettes


Properties of ORANGE GUTTANE

• ORANGE GUTTANE is non toxic, natural dissolvent. It’s the most biocompatible material such type. Preparation dissolve gutta-percha very fast, it’s easy to wash out, enables effective cleansing. ORANGE GUTTANE is high effective without side effects, thus is the best proposal from among all solvents available on the market.

• Neither of instrument systems guarantee full root canal cleansing. Use of ORANGE GUTTANE minimize the risk of mechanical injury of root canal during preparation, broken file related complication, creating steps and perforations. Product speeds up endodontic re- treatment, eliminates frequency of complication specially during difficult cases.

Handling the product:

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1. Before starting the procedure, dip the pipette (shipped with the product) in ethyl alcohol.
2. Using the pipette, drop 1- 2 drops of liquid in the root canal.
3. Remove gutta-percha with the selected root canal instrument.
4. If required, use another dose.
5. Re-apply ORANGE GUTTANE if gutta-percha is dry or crumbly.
6. Repeat as needed until the desired effect is reached.

The product is reusable, while the pipette is disposable. If re-used, the pipette may create a risk of secondary


Gutaperka stomatologia
narzędzia stomatologiczne Cerkamed