Light-curing flow composite.

RAINBOW FLOW Dentina was designed with adults in mind, although it is also perfect for children. It imitates the shade of dentin (A2).


methacrylic resins (bis-GMA, UDMA ,TGDMA), inorganic nanoparticle filling, pigments, photoinitiator, inhibitor

Available packages:

  • 1 x syringe containing 1g of the preparation (chosen colour) + applicators



The RAINBOW FLOW Dentina light-curing flowable composite is intended for:

  •  filling of permanent teeth and milk teeth
  •  pit and fissure sealing
  •  protection of root canal orifices
  •  protective marking of the enamel border when applying temporary splints and retainers

Handling the product

Put the supplied applicator in ethanol before use, then install the applicator on the product syringe.

• Filling pit and fissure sealing:
Prepare and etch the defect/pit/fissure (e.g. with BLUE ETCH), then rinse and dry. Use a bonding system.

Fill the defect with the composite layer ca. 2 mm thick, then cure with a polymerization lamp for ca. 10-15 seconds. Add more of the composite if needed and cure.

• Protection of root canal orifices:
Apply after permanently filling the root canal. Apply the composite layer ca. 2 mm thick to the root canal orifice, then cure with a polymerization lamp for ca. 10-15 seconds. The bright colour of the composite helps to locate precisely the orifices of sealed root canals during follow-ups.

Retract the composite syringe piston and seal the container with the original cap immediately after use to avoid polymerization of the product inside.

The product is intended for repeated use until spent. The supplied applicator is disposable. Reusing the applicator may cause a risk of infection.



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