Product ZINC OXIDE is recommended for making pastes, mainly with EUGENOL, used as a material for temporary filling of cavities and root canals. 


  • zinc oxide 100% of pharmacopeial purity

Available package:

  • container of 50 g


Properties of ZINC OXIDE

ZINC OXIDE product is recommended for making pastes, mainly with EUGENOL, such combination:
• allows: to obtain a tight filling of temporary cavity,
• has drying effect
• stimulates creation of the secondary dentine.

Handling the product ZINC OXIDE + EUGENOL

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An appropriate amount of Zinc Oxide powder mix with Eugenol on frosted side of the glass plate by means of metal spatula. Density and hardness is dependent on the amount of powder and liquid used for the mixture, should be adapted to the intended use:

• For temporary filling the mixture must be made in such a way that it cannot stick to the glass container nor to the spatula.
• For applications in deep cavities, the first portion of the applied paste should has creamy consistency and the next layer should be harder.
• For filling of the root canals prepared mixture should have creamy consistency.

As temporary filler of cavity:
1. Prepare the cavity (picture 1)
2. On the bottom of cavity apply paste of runny consistency (picture 2)
3. Fill up temporarily the whole cavity with paste of harder consistency (picture 3)
4. Leave the filling for 1 week up to 30 days, after that period change temporary filling

For temporary root canal filling:
1. Prepare the canal mechanically using materials for chemo-mechanical preparation (Endo-Solution, Endo-Prep Cream), rinse copiously (Chloraxid) and dry the canal (e.g. Canal Clean) (picture 4)
2. Fill up the canal with prepared creamy paste by means of Lentulo, remove excess of paste, close the cavity tightly(picture 5),
3. Leave the filling in the root canal for 1 week up to 30days, after that period change temporary filling


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