Impregnated retraction cord

Retraction Cord BEST-CORD NANO are used in retraction of gingival tissues around the tooth for improving the results of dental impressions and hemostasis of the gingival margin.


  • Polyester-Polyamide conjugated yarn impregnated with Aluminum Chloride Hexahydrate 0.50mg ± 0.10mg/inch

Available packages:

  • 6 SIZES: 2, 1, 0, 00, 000, 000.0 – NEW!
  • Length: 254  cm


Properties of BEST-CORD NANO

• unique stainless and ceramic cutting off system
• unique and smooth weave guaranteeing that the retraction cord doesn’t tangle into a dentist tool
• extremely compact fibres significantly enable easy application of retraction cord into gingival pockets
• practical graduation on the package for precise measuring of retraction cord length
• perfect absorbtion thanks to the use of polyester-polyamide fibres
• retraction cord impregnated with aluminium chloride which effects constrictly, hemostaticly and doesn’t discolour the teeth.

Instruction for use

1. Cut the impregnated cord to the required length using edge placed on the cap of the box.
2. Apply the cord tightly to the tooth neck and press into the sulcus by means of a retraction cord packer.
3. Leave the cord within 5 minutes into the sulcus.
4. Remove the cord directly before taking the impression.


 Double cord technique

It allows better exposure of gingival cleft and helps to keep dryness when obtaining the impression. As a result, the impression is blister-free and without distortions. 

Putting cords BEST CORD NANO 000.0 into the gingival cleft and cutting it to the length of the tooth circumference.

Introducing second, thicker cord BEST CORD NANO into the gingival cleft, like in the single cord technique

Removing thicker cord before obtaining the impression. Thinner cord remains in the gingival cord.