Endo-Aspirator SMART SYSTEM

Unit-independent root canal drying system.

In the Endo-Aspirator SMART SYSTEM every little detail is of great importance and forms a complete whole to ensure a clean and dry treatment field. Set includes:

  1. Suction device
  2. Short hose (2 pcs)
  3. Long hose (2 pcs)
  4. Bottle adapter (2 pcs)
  5. Bottle for liquids (2 pcs)
  6. Applicator (10 pcs)
  7. Endo-Aspirator PRO
  8. Stand
  9. Ramrod for cleaning the Endo-Aspirator PRO
  10. Micro USB cable for charging
  11. Replacement supplies (inner filter 9 pcs, rubber O-ring 2 pcs)



Unit-independent root canal drying system.

New, wireless device Endo Aspirator Smart System

Is a suction system for drying root canals operating independently from the unit. It is used for draining irrigants applied during the preparation of the root canal. The system combines a device equipped with the latest generation air pump and the autoclavable Endo-Aspirator PRO tool. The system uses the vacuum absorption technique.


Freedom and comfort of use


Stand-alone suction system

Compact design

Lightweight and fully equipped

Suction intensity adjustment

Clean and dry treatment field

Intuitive operation

Clear LED display

Full suction control

Transparent tubing and fluid reservoir

Clean and hygienic operation

Disposable spare parts

The cordless Endo Aspirator Smart System means better clinical results in less time

3 operating modes

The selection of an operating mode depends on the quantity and density of the irrigation fluids and the power required to effectively dry the canal.

Device operating time

Ready to work at any time during the procedure for up to 70 minutes.

Battery level

Time to fully recharge the battery is up to 60 minutes.