Chloraxid 5,25% Gel

Preparation for root canals rinsing

Basing on long-term cooperation with top specialists, we developed a new formula of sodium hypochlorite. Gel consistency of CHLORAXID GEL allows to minimize risk of pushing it beyond the apical opening and ensures precise control of application, which makes it an ideal solution in especially difficult cases. CHLORAXID GEL 5,25% GEL combines effectiveness of liquid sodium hypochlorite with work control and safety.


  • sodium hypochlorite (5.25% of active chlorine), Ph Eur purified water, gel base

Available packages:

  • syringe 2 ml + set of disposable applicators


Properties of CHLORAXID 5,25% GEL

• Removal of dead pulp residues during mechanical broaching of root canals.
• It cleans the root canal, including the smear layer to expose the dental tubule orifices prior to filling the canal.
• It prevents from discolouration of the teeth that may occure after filling root canal which was not rinsed.
• The gel consistence of the preparation minimises the risk of pushing the product beyond the apical opening and ensures a precise control of application.
• CHLORAXID 5,25% GEL is specifically recommended for preparing root canals with wide, underdeveloped or damaged apexes.

Handling the product Chloraxid 5,25% GEL

Put the supplied applicator in ethanol before use, then install the applicator on the product syringe. Prepare the root canal by feeding CHLORAXID 5,25% GEL directly into the canal with the supplied applicator, or coat the intracanal instrument of choice with the product. Prepare the root canal and flush out with normal saline fed via a needle with a lateral orifice. Flush alternately with EDTA. Repeat several times.

The product is intended for repeated use until spent. The supplied applicator is disposable. Reusing the applicator may cause a risk of infection.

CAUTION! While rinsing root canals, it is compulsory to rinse with physiological saline between rinsing sodium hypochlorite and chlorhexidine digluconate. It prevents from precipitating of a tawny deposit. Rinse copiously.