Biomaterial for filling and rebuilding of root canals – white 

BIO MTA+  is intended for dental treatment as a material for filling and rebuilding of root canals.

BIO MTA+ is especially recommended in the following cases:

  • root canal wall perforation
  • intracanal resorption
  • filling of the posterior root apex
  • direct coating of the pulp
  • pulp amputation
  • treatment of teeth with interrupted root development.

Bio MTA+ is not suitable as a standalone permanent root canal filling.


Bio MTA+ powder: calcium oxide, hydroxyapatite, oxides of: silicon, iron, aluminium, sodium, potassium, bismuth, magnesium, zirconium; calcium phosphate.

Bio MTA+ liquid: Ph Eur purified water, calcium catalyst.

Available packages:

  • MINI 3 x 0,14 g BIO MTA+ powder, 1 ml liquid
  • STANDARD 6 x 0,14 g BIO MTA+ powder, 1 ml liquid
  • MAXI 10 x 0,14 g BIO MTA+ powder, 2 x 1 ml liquid
  • PRO 10 x 0,14 g BIO MTA+ powder, 2 x 1 ml liquid, MATRIX MTA+


Properties of BIO MTA+

The product is intended for dental treatment as a material for filling and remineralization of root canals. When mixed with the Bio MTA+ liquid, the working life is ca. 4 min, and the compound sets completely in ca. 2 h, which enables finishing treatment during 1 appointment.
The high content of calcium ions remineralizes the tooth tissue. The silicon and calcium compounds support tissue regeneration after wall perforation and intracanal resorption.

BIO MTA+ characterized by the smallest size of grain on the market. Aditionally, it contains hydroxyapatite which is a natural component of bones. Thanks to combining these two features the preparation is characterized by perfect biocompatibility and enables full building in of the material into the existing structure.

After mixing BIO MTA+ is exceptionally plastic, has concrete consistency and is not loose. The preparation can be easily formed, which is essential in a situation when it’s necessary to form an irregular shape. BIO MTA+ holds on well to a standard tool and can be introduced on it to a root canal. It enables precise and controlled application and limits the need to use expensive and complicated application tools.

BIO MTA+ has 3 times higher durability in comparison to traditional MTA materials. It ensures strong and stable rebuild.

Handling the product BIO MTA+:

PIC. 1.

PIC. 2.

PIC. 3.

PIC. 4.

PIC. 5.

1. Cut off the BIO MTA+ liquid pipette tip. (pic.1)
2. Move the entire contents of the BIO MTA+ powder glass vial with 1 to 2 drops of the BIO MTA+ liquid on a mixing plate. (pic.2, pic. 3)
3. Mix for ca. 30 second until the compound reaches a consistence of soft plasticine (modelling putty). (pic.4)
4. If the compound mix is too thick or too brittle, add one more drop of the BIO MTA+ liquid.

CAUTION! Mix the BIO MTA+ powder with the BIO MTA+ liquid only. Do not replace the liquid with water or other fluids.

5. Place the compound at the target site with an applicator. One container of the Bio MTA+ powder contains a one-off dose. (pic.5)

Once mixed with the Bio MTA+ liquid, consume the mixed dose within a maximum of 4 minutes. The compound cures and hardens afterwards.


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