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TCA Dent

Preparation for local cauterisation of mucous membranes

Trichloroacetic acid is used to cauterise local pathological changes and minor bleeding in the oral cavity. The healing effect of this preparation is achieved by chemical coagulation of pathologically altered tissue. The product promotes healing of granulating lesions.


  • Trichloroacetic acid 35%, Ph Eur purified water, aroma

Available package:

  • Dropping bottle containing 10 ml of preparation, + set of disposable applicators.


Liquid for staunching bleeding

ALUSTAT is intended to use during dental treatment to decrease the local swelling and to staunch slight gingival bleedings during and after the dental treatment.

It has an astringent effect, it is antiphlogistic and vasocontrictive.

Active substance:

25% aluminium chloride

Available packages:

  • bottle with dropper 10g

Alustat Foam

Foam for staunching bleeding

ALUSTAT FOAM is intended for use during dental treatment to staunch slight gingival bleedings, which may occur in the following situations:

  • in cavity preparation
  • before impression
  • after removal of temporary crown
  • after use of laser
  • in overlay restoration fitting and whenever hemostasis and retraction are required.

The aluminum chloride contained in the product has vasoconstrictive effect on tiny blood vessels to reduce swelling and slight bleedings.


aluminum chloride 20%, water Ph. Eur., excipients

Available packages:

  • syringe of 0,8g
  • MEGA PACK 4 x syringe of 0,8g

Each package contains set of disposable applicators.

Alustat Gel

Gel for staunching bleeding

ALUSTAT GEL is intended for use during dental treatment to staunch slight gingival bleedings.


aluminum chloride 25%, water Ph.Eur., excipients

Available packages:

  • Syringe of 5ml
  • Syringe of 10ml
  • MEGA PACK – 3 x syringe of 10ml

Each package contains dispenser, connector, disposal applicators

Impregnated retraction cord BEST-CORD NANO

Impregnated retraction cord

Retraction Cord BEST-CORD NANO are used in retraction of gingival tissues around the tooth for improving the results of dental impressions and hemostasis of the gingival margin.


  • Polyester-Polyamide conjugated yarn impregnated with Aluminum Chloride Hexahydrate 0.50mg ± 0.10mg/inch

Available packages:

  • 6 SIZES: 2, 1, 0, 00, 000, 000.0 – NEW!
  • Length: 254  cm