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Gluco-Chex 2% Gel

Gel for root canals preparation

Product GLUCO-CHEX 2% GEL is intended for use during endodontic treatment, it facilitates mechanical root canal preparation., makes easier their widening and unblocking.


  • chlorhexidine digluconate 2%, base gel.

Available packages:

  • Syringe containing 5 ml preparation
  • Syringe containing 10 ml preparation

Each package contains: dispenser, connector, set of disposable applicators

Chloraxid 2% Gel Extra

Preparation for root canals rinsing

Basing on long-term cooperation with top specialists, we developed a new formula of sodium hypochlorite. Gel consistency of CHLORAXID GEL allows to minimize risk of pushing it beyond the apical opening and ensures precise control of application, which makes it an ideal solution in especially difficult cases. CHLORAXID GEL combines effectiveness of liquid sodium hypochlorite with work control and safety.

Additionally, CHLORAXID 2% GEL EXTRA contains surfactants which decrease surface tension of the preparation. In effect, gel perfectly penetrates thin root canals and removes the organic part of the smear layer.


  • sodium hypochlorite (2% of active chlorine), Ph Eur purified water, surfactants, gel base

Available package:

  • syringe 2 ml + set of disposable applicators