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BTR Pen – Broken Tool Remover

Dental tool for removing broken canal instruments.

The tool combines new technology, fine quality and effective work. BTR Pen makes the removal of broken dental instruments a predictable, universal and repeatable procedure.

The usage of the ultrathin and highly-elastic working tip, togehter with ultimate-endurance nitinol loop, makes it easy to get to the broken canal instrument. The tool allows cert ain grip and safe removal of the broken canal instrument regardless of it’s possition in the canal.

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Tools for handling and application of MTA+

Reusable dental tools for handling and application the dose of prepared MTA material.

Tools are made of corrosion – resistant, highly-alloyed stainless steel of the high stress strength (bending, compression).

Package contains:

  • dental tools with tips for application and handling MTA+ material

Gutta-Percha Plugger

Reusable dental tool for vertical condensation of gutta-percha. The tools are made of corrosive – resistant stainless steel.

Possible Variants:

  • GUTTA PERCHA PLUGGER size 0,6 mm – yellow
  • GUTTA PERCHA PLUGGER size 0,8 mm – red
  • GUTTA PERCHA PLUGGER size 1,0 mm – blue
  • GUTTA PERCHA PLUGGER size 1,2 mm – green